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About AppOcta Envisioned as a premium app development company, AppOcta has in fact made it a point to not just create apps according to what clients want; when you reach out to us, our team believes in presenting an array of options that prompt you to enhancing your initial concept so that you gain much more than you may initially have conceptualized. In fact, we ultimately see ourselves as app innovators, or app inventors. We, at AppOcta, like to think of ourselves as app thinkers before we commit ourselves as app programmers. Hundreds if not thousands of apps are built annually, but a handful of them go on to make an impact. With this in mind, our team intends to transform every app idea that comes our way into something immensely promising.

  • Custom Web Development
  • Strategic Design Analysis
  • Ecommerce Shopping Network Development
  • Tactical Digital Marketing
  • Copyright Protection and Registration
  • Technical Maintenance and Hosting

Our Clients

Working with startups and multinationals belonging from every industry from all over the world has allowed us to gain enough experience to pioneer the field of app design and developing.

My Wallet

My Wallet allows you to organize numbers and document records and credit cards too, which are simple to carry out and easily accessible.

Water Drinking

To maintain good health, consuming an adequate amount of water is a must.

QR Code Reader

The QR Code Reader is an Android app that allows you to read and create QR codes in the most simple and accurate manner.

Photo fun

This app applies curious effects to images and there are several possibilities in terms of the wide range of effects that can be applied.

Photo Cace

With the advancement of technology, most of today's portable devices have a quality camera so you can record the best moments of your life

Calorie Caculator

Lose weight with Calorie Calculator! With the largest database of food data, this fast and easy to use application will help you lose those extra kilos!


Stay informed with the most important news of the moment. Get access to the information you're interested: Immigration,

Go Trail

Go Trail is the perfect application for fitness tracking enthusiasts. The application is a blend of Augmented Reality and fitness tracking.

Smart Serve

Smart Serve is an all new revolutionary restaurant management app that allows its customers to dine in without any hassle.

Who's My Mutter

Who’s My Mutter is spreading innovation in pet adoption day after day with its unique functionalities.

Checked In

Checked In is the perfect hospital management system that you need for a perfect medical institution.


Think your phone has some issues? Well, then get EPS is the perfect phone doctor that you need to consult.


Craving for a Sci-Fi? Or maybe want to watch some breaking news? GDN is just the app you need on your smartphone.


Cinderly is an image sharing social network that’s something like you’ve never seen before.

Bee Present

Think your students are very low on productivity? Want to have a look at who’s paying attention in the meeting?

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