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What impact does mobile have on your internal sales organization? How do you communicate with the mobile consumer and what impact does this have on your marketing policy? Which existing digital channels should be reviewed? There are a lot of questions, but even more important choices that have to be made.

Market Leading Analysis To Secure Your ROI

A mobile strategy in itself is already a start, but more than ever it has to be included in a general business strategy. A market analysis of your competing colleagues should of course not be missed. After determining KPIs, ROIs and TCO (total cost of ownership), we start with the mobile roadmap, determination of functionalities, wireframing and technical feasibility.

  • Competitive Analysis Research
  • Analytics & KPIs
  • User Definition & Profiling
  • Product UVP & Mapping
  • Business Model advising

Key Driver For Mobile Srtagety

AppOcta is an award winning leader in mobile platform business. We have spent 15 years in the mobile experience industry, pioneering the efforts to help brands create magic on small screens. We are certain that your key drivers for mobile strategy could be at least one of these. Click on it to know how appOcta can make a difference as your mobile partner.


Small screen real estate demand superior design thinking. AppOcta has invested in building an award winning design team spread across three geographies.


Our App Builder tool lets you build apps on the go, MX Studio creates mobile web experience while App X lets you push real time feature updates to native apps without App Store approval.


A perfect blend of onsite and offshore resources that give you cost & location advantage.

Solutions For Every Company

We’ve been assisting companies belonging to several industries for over a decade. Serving each company with what they absolutely need is what you get with Appocta. Our experts believe if you’re destined for greatness in your industry, we can assist you in making it happen.


For newly built companies in need of satisfactory solutions to get their names known, we’re always welcome to assist. We love to create magic when we work Startups. Our experts believe the future greats in the world of technology will belong to Startups.


For Mid-sized organizations, we provide special assistance that allows the companies to cross the line marked in the sand. We’re constantly involved in the process of creating the next best in the industry by pushing mid-sized potential companies.


For over 10 years, Appocta has been providing companies all over the world with the best services possible. With enterprise solutions we take over all of your technical prospects and share our expertise to refine your already perfect image.


Awesome increase in ROI!

Visible increase in ROI for my business! I love the services being provided by team appocta!

— Mark Galloway

Double Thumbs up

Huge thumbs up for my custom web design! Loved working with appocta

— Jennifer Greene


Superb Services

SEO services were superb. Loved their work

— Chris Salvo.

What Makes Our Process Stand Out From The Rest?

Appocta Offers A One Stop Shop For All Your App Design & Development Needs. Our team of highly trained and qualified experts are technical geniuses with expertise in taking full advantage of each platform's powerful capability.


This entails the entire knowledge gathering phase during which we intake as much info as we need and brainstorm project ideas.


We move forward based on research so that we know that project ideas are realistic and completely achievable.


Actual work on any project never begins before designs are finalized and approved by the client. This allows an undivided approach to ensure the best UI/UX.


This is where the real work begins and moves on till the project reaches its end. With clean code, we ensure a smooth running application.


This last phase includes handing over all the reigns to our client in terms of transferring all the code over to his/her serve along with all credentials.

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